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Top Gifts for Friends who are Moving Away

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It happens often in life that we must part with something or somebody we care for very much. There are so many reasons for which someone takes the decision for house removals to another home, county or country. And if this person is very special for us it’s hard to imagine our daily lives without him. Nevertheless we can try to make the best of such a situation and to look at it as a new challenge that has to be conquered.
As we all know home removals to a new place can be very stressful and is a tense time for everyone. All the household belongings must be packed, the trip must be planned and there are so many other little things to be done. You want to help and the smallest thing you think of is to give your friends a present that will be useful and at the same time will remind them of you and of the good times spent together. At first sight, it seems an easy task but as you think more and more about it you might find it an arduous one. What you must consider is that it is really a hard job to pack all the baggage down to a reasonable size for travel or storage while there is never enough time. So, here are some tips and ideas for practical farewell gifts.
The first one that is very popular a photo frame. It doesn’t matter if it is digital or just an ordinary one, you can be sure that it will bring smile to your friend’s face whenever he or she looks at it. And if you want to be more ingenious you can make a whole photo book full of photo memories which will be reminders of the old, fun times. It’s a good idea to leave blank pages which will be filled with new photos too. Another good present is a DVD. Take your camera and go to all your mutual friends and make a DVD where each one of you says something as a goodbye. It’s good to have something familiar when going to a new place.
Another idea for a goodbye gift is very original and cannot be found in the shop. It is known that moving to a new place takes so much effort and time. So in that sense, the Gift of Time is priceless. If your friends have children, offer to look after the kids – in this way they can fully concentrate on
packing and boxes or on the cleaning. And what about dinner? Save them time and cook a delicious dinner – they surely will appreciate that.
Most often when people move to a new place they focus on the packing and the actual moving. In most cases there is no time to get acquainted with the new location. Some good research of the area will be a useful gift. You can look for different places of use such as malls, grocery stores, libraries, restaurants, etc. You can print maps and even pictures of these places and organize them in a portfolio. It will be very helpful information which now can be easily accessed.
And last but not at least – organize a surprise farewell party for your friends. But remember, it mustn’t be a nostalgic one. Think about the decorations, the music and all the details. Invite friends and colleagues and have fun! You can ask all the guests to bring some small present, but organize this carefully, so every present will be a different and unique one, and will also be pragmatic for the future trip or as decoration for your friend’s the new home.

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