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Pet Owners and Moving: Tips to Make Moving Easier on Your Pup

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Moving is a difficult event in someone’s life even when we actually know what’s happening around us. We may not like it, but at least we know (for the most part, that is), what is happening with our lives when we move.We cannot say the same thing about pets too. Throughout the entire removals process, your dog will most likely feel confused and anxious. Since you most likely love your pet and since you probably want to offer him/her the best there is in life, you should absolutely make sure that you make the entire “removal thing” doesn’t stress him/her out of his/her mind. How do you do this? How do you move with dogs and help them make the relocation smoother? Here are some of the things you should keep in mind. 1.    Is your pup really young? If so, have you trained him/her on riding a car? If you did not do this already, make sure you do it. Cars can get puppies really anxious and they will most likely react negatively to the four-wheeled “monster” if they are not accustomed to it. The Internet provides plenty of information on how you should “break” the car to your puppy – and once you so this, he/she will not be anxious any longer when it comes to car rides (this includes your man and van vehicle’s and your vehicle too).2.    Understand your dog. Puppies (and adult dogs as well) are accustomed to their own habits, to their own schedule and to the places and people that are familiar to them. As his/her owner, you have the duty to make sure that you stick to your dog’s usual routine as much as possible. In other words, walk your dogs at the same hours, play with them about the same time as you normally do and feed them as usually no matter how hectic the whole removals-related schedule may be.3.    Pamper your (big) puppy. All dogs are puppies at heart – even if they are past the age they are considered to be “young”. Thus, they will love getting your attention and they will love being pampered. Before and after the moving, make sure to dedicate some extra time for your little bundle of joyous fur to make sure that he/she notices as little as possible of what is going on around him/her (boxes, boxes everywhere!). 4.    Take your dog to the new home. If you have the time to do it, take your dogs to the new home so that they get familiarized with it. This way, the shock of waking up in a completely strange home will not be as powerful on your puppy or adult dog. 5.    Make sure the moving company knows about the fact that you have a dog. Allow the movers to introduce themselves to your pup and allow him/her to get a “sniff” of the removals specialists before they actually start working on removing your belongings. If you know your dog may get in the way, it may be better for him/her to stay outside or to stay at a friend he/she is familiar with throughout the actual removal. 6.    Remember, dogs are animals that constantly seek for our approval and love. Don’t forget to offer your unconditional love for this little bundle of joy that guards your nights, warms up your bed and makes every day happier as you come back from work!

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