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Packing Your Home Contents Securely For A House Relocation

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All house removals are hard work and stressful. There are such a lot of tasks to sort out and sometimes in a limited time. Also it is one of the most demanding times in life where not everything is going to go to plan. Though, you can try to prepare well in advance to get as much of the work done, so reducing the pressure on actual removal day. Here are some removal tips to help make things a little easier. 1. Allow time for the packingWhether you have sold your house or just need to move on from a rental lease to another property you will have to pack up the entire contents of your place. This is one of the most tedious jobs. Most people don’t know where to start, as there is so much stuff in a typical house nowadays. One thing for sure is that you must make certain you give yourself ample time to do this job. If you can’t handle it there are plenty of removals services who can help be of assistance for an extra fee. 2. Preparing to pack your home belongingsWhen it comes to packing your life’s worth of belongings, get prepared with the right tools for the job. You can purchase all the essential packing supplies from reputable moving firms if you want. On the other hand if the budget won’t stretch to buying new quality boxes then you will have to find second hand moving boxes. Ask at local stores especially furniture shops as they provide a good selection of sizes to suit all types of belongings. You can buy bubble wrap, plastic, labels and strong tape from local DIY stores. 3. Sort one room at a timeWhen you are prepared with all of your packing supplies then you can begin the packing. Start in one room at a time and make different loads including rubbish to dump, recycle, sell, donate and keep. It is essential you make yourself an inventory to keep a list of what is in each box. If there are items you are not using for instance it is winter so you won’t need summer clothes and furniture you can pack these away. Make sure you label the contents clearly and state your name and new address to prevent any loss. 4. Tips on making packing easierAs you pack ensure anything that is breakable is protected with newspaper and bubble wrap. Try to make all boxes a similar weight because remember you have to move them, lift and unload at their new destination. Use good quality strong tape to seal the boxes and items that are wrapped in plastic sheets. You don’t want the packages coming open en route. If it is easier when it comes to unpacking use a colour code to each room and list it on your inventory. 5. Hopefully your possessions and furniture will fit into your new home, but if not it is a good idea to sell on and buy new. It is likely you will have unwanted items that you don’t want to take with you. You can advertise and sell locally in papers by attending car boot sales or list online. You can also donate surplus goods to charities in your area. If you have a lot of junk and rubbish hire a clearance company to deal with it. They will dispose of it in various ways using recycling methods. You will be then left with just the possessions you want to take to your new house.