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Hiring Office Removals Services

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Moving your business to a new office is always going to be a stressful time, but if you properly prepare and ready yourself for your moving then, then you can soon be back to work! With so much to accomplish with your office removals, there’s a lot that can go wrong, but if you follow these simple and helpful tips then you can move to your new office without having to panic!1)    Know your new office.Before planning for your move it’s a good idea to plan your new office layout. Try to get hold of the blueprints of your new office, or try making a sketch of the layout. Note down where phone lines, plug sockets and anything else you might need are located, so that you can plan where your desks, office equipment and furniture can go. This will save you a lot of time and effort on moving day, as your belongings can be placed in their new home in the shortest amount of time possible, so definitely make sure you know exactly how you want your new office to look before moving day comes around.2)    Hire a company.Moving companies can make a huge difference to your move, especially if you’re choosing one that specialises in office removal services. Have a look online or speak to colleagues to find out about reliable and efficient removals and storage companies in your area. Once you’ve found one that offers a good price, have a look at what types of insurance they offer for moving day, and whether or not professional equipment movers are available. Removal companies can help you by providing man and van services, removal vehicles, furniture removals services and more, so it’s worth finding the right company for you if you want to have a successful relocation day.3)    Packing your office equipment.When moving house, the most popular type of moving boxes are those sourced second-hand from supermarkets and shops. Although these can be great for moving smaller items, such as the contents of your desk, you might want to think about investing in sturdier and more reliable boxes for your office equipment. These are going to do a better job at holding the weight of your computers, printers and more, making it much easier for you to move and reducing the risk of the boxes breaking. You can find professional boxes either online, at your local storage stores, or through your relocation company. If you’re using services from a London company already, then try to find out if you can get a discount for also using their packing supplies service. Some companies will be more than willing to offer you a discount for a package deal, so don’t be afraid to ask!4)    Unpacking your new office.If you want to get your business back on its feet as soon as possible then the unpacking stage of your move is incredibly important. Try to devise an unpacking plan, starting with moving and arranging your furniture, unboxing your equipment and then moving onto the smaller parts of your office belongings. Alternatively, if you’re moving in a hurry or if you have a large office with lots to unpack, why not ask your removal service to see if they offer help with unpacking. Again, don’t be afraid to ask for a discount if you’re using multiple services!

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